If you happened to read this recent Newsweek article about end of life care, it may be difficult not to have a strong reaction. And how you react may depend on which extreme concerns you more: the groups who may benefit from your living medically-dependent or the groups who may not care if you live. However, Sean Cox Law and our experienced elder law attorney Grand Rapids Mi firmly believe this hyperbolic discussion about end of life care misses a valuable point — a point where everyone has the opportunity to make a difference.

Many times in these discussions, it is rightly pointed out how each life is valuable and anything and everything should be done to ensure every person gets the end of life care they deserve. This is perhaps one of the biggest flaws in this Newsweek piece as it seems to cast some rather large aspersions on the medical community (and others) as profiteers instead of individuals who more often than not, provide quality end of life care — we can think of many in West Michigan who do!

However, everyone we talk to wants to die with dignity and none of them want to leave their families with burdens. These negative outcomes can be avoided though with the right financial planning and documentation of your wishes when life’s most difficult situations arise, especially those requiring decisions about end of life care. By talking with one of our elder law attorneys from the Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, we can help you plan for any challenging time, make sure your dependents are cared for, your family is not burdened, and your wishes are legally enshrined.

Should you lose the capacity to decide, have confidence in knowing how you have your health and finances protected with a nursing home and Medicaid plan. Or if you have dependents, have a plan to take good care of them. And, of course, to make sure your estate is executed exactly how you wish, lean on our legal professionals to help administer your estate.

Don’t Gamble With Your End Of Life Care

Together, we can make sure your end of life care is exactly how you want it to be and that it doesn’t have to become a matter as grim or cynical as some news commentary may put it. Instead, it can be a relief to know how you put the effort into it and took care of your family (and yourself) ahead of time.

If we all turned our focus toward this strategy of exercising individual choice through planning, perhaps it would change the discussion entirely to a more positive direction.

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