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Given the highly sensitive nature of our work at Sean Cox Law, some testimonials about our legal services are anonymous. But please do not hesitate to ask us for private referrals when you visit us for a free initial consultation, and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with clients who consent. Their kind words mean a lot to us, and we thank our clients for their notes and emails of appreciation, identified or otherwise.

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On Medicaid, Veterans Benefits And Elder Law

“When my mother had to go into a nursing home we were concerned because the value of my parent’s farm was substantial and we were afraid she could not get approved for nursing home Medicaid. Not only did Sean protect all of their financial assets, he was also able to protect the family farm with a Medicaid approved trust, and my mother was approved for Medicaid. Sean worked closely with the Department of Human Services to get her initial application approved and he did not charge us to do her annual re-application or re-determination. He also made sure that all of my parents assets were protected from the Estate Recovery Act after my mother passed away. We have referred him to other farmers in our community and we could not have been more pleased with the results that he achieved for us and the way he treated us as clients.”

Scott Bartz

“My parents were both in need of long term care and Sean helped us navigate through the process of in home care, and eventually nursing home care for both of my parents.  My dad is a Veteran and Sean was able to guide us through the VA aid and attendance pension.  He was able to secure Medicaid for my mother while still protecting all of my parents remaining assets.  Unfortunately, my father eventually also had to go into a nursing home less than a year after my mother.  Sean helped us through that second Medicaid application for my dad as well.  I appreciated that Sean really made me a big part of the process and we worked together as a team to make sure that we were getting everything the department of human services wanted it, when they wanted it.  He has was able to put our mind at ease during this difficult process.”

Jeff Moffat
“My business is based on helping seniors and their families get through the challenging process of securing in home care, assisted living care, and nursing home care for their loved ones. Sean has always been a tremendous resource for providing the families I work for with the knowledge and expertise they need for elder care legal issues. Sean is my “go to expert” on VA Aid and Attendance and he has helped so many of clients apply for and receive the VA Aid and Attendance Pension to help pay for the cost of their in home care or their assisted living expense. He has also helped my clients who need nursing home Medicaid. He is able to shelter most, if not all of their assets and income, while still obtaining the Medicaid coverage they need. It is always good to know that I can call on an expert in the legal field, with over 21 years of experience, to give the families I help, the legal guidance they need.”
Eizabeth Harrell, Crossroads Elder Care Planning



“Your kind, compassionate and professional demeanor shined through and helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
“I’ve dealt with many attorneys over my lifetime, but none more impressive than you. Your professionalism, courtesy, and compassion were really second-to-none in my experience. For this I am grateful.”
Family Law Client
“You have no idea how you’ve changed the quality of our lives. When I had to move out-of-state to take a new job, I was afraid I’d never see my children again. Thanks to you, my children are safe, secure and happy! I cannot begin to thank you enough for your wise counsel in this difficult situation.”
Custody Client