We are The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC, and we concentrate our work on assisting people with legal issues that affect families, the elderly and individuals in family law, elder law and estate planning matters.



Our Law Firm serves clients and their families from our office in Grand Rapids Mi. Being licensed in both Michigan and Florida, we can assist with needs in Florida as well.



When you work with our firm, you can expect attention from our entire legal team. We have two legal support staff members who work on every single one of our cases. Our legal team handles cases with regard to Medicaid and elder law.


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Divorce affects many different people. From divorcing spouses to children, it can be a difficult time for all parties.

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When an elderly family member is in need of assistance, it is critical you work with an experienced lawyer for your legal needs.

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When your family’s needs change, it is imperative you seek representation from an experienced family law attorney in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Top Divorce Lawyers Grand Rapids Mi | Grand Rapids Divorce Lawyer

When events in life call for the attention of a lawyer, it is important to seek counsel from the best. People often go to the internet to search for things like ‘best divorce lawyers near me’. But when you do that, you should also remember to look for lawyers in Grand Rapids Michigan who have a solid reputation in the community and the courtroom.

Your circumstances deserve attention, commitment, and assertiveness through every step of the legal process. At our firm, you can expect the highest quality legal services. Our team consists of the most trusted divorce lawyers Grand Rapids, MI.

We are The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC, and our law firm represents individuals, families and the elderly in legal matters involving elder law, estate planning, and family law. Our cox law firm has two convenient office locations in Grand Rapids and Portage, Michigan.
Everyone in our firm is a trusted divorce lawyer Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in Florida. Our Grand Rapids elder law lawyer is also licensed to practice in Florida, and he frequently represents clients throughout the entire state.

At our office, client satisfaction is a priority — whether that includes using negotiation skills or strong litigation experience, we will help you reach your objectives. As a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney, every one of our associates continuously pledges to:

We continuously pledge to:

  • Listen closely to your situation
  • Interpret the law in plain language
  • Explain your options so you can make an informed decision
  • Return your phone calls and e-mails promptly
  • Meet with you in your home, a nursing home or other convenient location

Our Team: Giving Your Case the Personal Attention and Commitment It Deserves

When dealing with divorce and family matters,knowing where to find answers can be time consuming and frustrating. The Law offices Sean Patricks Cox ,PLLC best divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids, Mi will provide advice, support and counsel when you need the right answers. Throughout this process, many individuals overlook the imposing legal issues headed their way because they lack the support of an aggressive and competent divorce attorney Grand Rapids Mi.

When you work with our firm, you can expect attention from our entire legal team with the best divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI. We have two legal support staff members who work on every single one of our cases. Our legal team handles cases concerning Medicaid and elder law of Michigan. Having our legal support staff focus on particular areas of the law has made them more knowledgeable of the types of cases that can arise, and how to help clients with their particular situations. Our entire team, of experienced top divorce lawyers Grand Rapids, MI, promotes open communication with clients, and we always aim to make speedy responses to your inquiries, whether that is through phone or e-mail.

Thanks to our commitment and experience, we are considered the best divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI. Having over 25 years of experience in family law matters, our reputation as the best Michigan divorce attorney is built on years of personalized representation of our clients. As the leading divorce attorneys in Michigan, we closely work with our clients and offer innovative solutions that are custom-tailored to your unique circumstances.

When you are looking for divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI, Sean Patrick Cox, will provide the strategic legal advice you deserve. All of our attorneys will listen to your issues, analyze the potential outcomes of your situation, and present multiple legal options. Being family lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI, we understand that divorce and family matters are personal, but applying the law to your unique set of circumstances is the best option to take up. As top grand rapids divorce lawyers, we will help you move on with your life.

How Does a Grand Rapids Divorce Lawyer help in Divorce Cases?

Divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing. However, a qualified Grand Rapids divorce lawyer can help make the process smoother. Here are some of the crucial functions and tasks that Michigan attorneys help their clients.

It is important to be proactive in preparing to file for divorce in Michigan.  Michigan is a “no fault” divorce state, however, it is important to keep in mind that preservation and collection of evidence for your case is remarkably helpful to achieving the best outcome for your case, especially when it comes to custody, and property division.  Even though Michigan is a no fault divorce state, fault can be a critical component in determining custody, as well as the amount and duration of spousal support or alimony.  Fault can also be used to seek a more substantial property settlement beyond an equal split.

If you file a divorce in Michigan with a minor child or children, there is a waiting period of six months from the date of filing of your initial divorce complaint until the Court will allow you to finalize your divorce.  If you do not have any mutual children, then your divorce can be finalized in 60 days. You can find legal advice in Michigan to understand the terms of each kind of divorce.  A Grand Rapids divorce attorney with The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC, can explain the entire process to you and how to be well prepared for the intricacies of litigation.

There are many important issues that you will want to be aware of such as the importance of not moving out of your home.  The advantages to filing first rather than waiting for your spouse to file.  You will need guidance on what to do and what not to do with respect to your income assets, and separate property such as inheritances. Our Grand Rapids divorce lawyer can provide you with the best guidance on all of these steps to take that will be so important to protecting you, your children and your hard earned business and other financial and personal property.

While divorce is an emotional time, divorce lawyers in Michigan can help make it less so. They can also communicate with you about the factors that might affect your future, like child support, custody, parenting time, spousal support, debt allocation and a fair property settlement.

Additionally, Michigan attorneys can refer you to the important professionals that are needed to present the best evidence possible for you, such as real estate appraisers, business evaluation specialists, accountants, investigators, and in some instances, forensic accountants for spouses who are hiding money or other cash assets and income.

To obtain a divorce, formal papers must be presented to the proper courts for approval. A Grand Rapids divorce lawyer can help clients prepare these initial papers or respond to the other spouse’s complaint for divorce.

A divorce lawyer’s legal advice Michigan can help a client prepare their divorce case with an eye toward a favorable settlement of all issues. The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox’s can help you prepare for your case and litigate your case with the expertise, experience and compassion you need to get you through this difficult process.


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