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For families who have just experienced the loss of a loved one, the idea of dealing with probate and estate administration issues is not welcoming. However, when it is necessary to go through the probate process, it is important for people to fully understand their situation and the options they have in the estate administration process.

The law firm of Sean Patrick Cox, Attorney & Counselor at Law, handles all types of estate administration and probate matters for people in Michigan and Florida.

We can discuss your situation with you, explain your options and help you make choices that are in your best interest. Our firm can also represent you in probate litigation. So, if you are searching for ‘probate estate lawyers near me’, you know we are the best choice.

It’s not uncommon for a loved one to pass away without an estate plan. In this situation, it’s necessary that you reach out to a legal team that is experienced in estate administration. In difficult times, we are a firm of experienced probate estate lawyers, who can help you navigate the complexities of the legal process and protect your loved one’s legacy.

When a client is looking up queries like ‘probate estate lawyers near me’, we hope to provide them with the best services possible. Entrusting our lawyers to handle the details of estate administration, enables you to concentrate on the family in such a sensitive time.

Our probate attorneys will help guide trustees, executors, family members, and beneficiaries to ensure the probate process is manageable for everyone involved.


We work with estates of all sizes and provide trust administration services that are customized to our clients and their needs. These services include:

  • Advising executors
  • Marshalling estate assets
  • Arranging for payment of debts and taxes
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Filing necessary court documents
  • Comprehensive, start-to-finish, service

With proper estate planning, it may be possible to avoid probate and the unnecessary legal issues that can often come with the process. Our firm can help you put in place the vehicles to accomplish this, including revocable trusts and other options.
If you have any questions, about the legal processes involved, or are wondering what steps to take in the future, contact our firm of probate estate lawyers near you.

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Talk with an attorney today if you are looking for a probate estate lawyers near me to know about probate and estate administration by calling us at (616) 942-6404. Schedule your free consultation here with one of our attorneys servicing Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and West Michigan.

We fully understand that handling any legal matters concerning the death of a loved one can be a very stressful and emotionally challenging position. Whether you’re interested in forming your estate plan or require assistance dealing with the probate process, our legal team can support you through it.

It’s never too early to make a reliable estate plan that safeguards yours and your loved ones’ best interests and assets. Contact our team of probate lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan for further assistance.

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Sean Patrick Cox is the best probate estate lawyers in Grand Rapids MI.
Probate Court is where all disputes are litigated in front of the Probate Judge relative to probate estates, guardianships, conservatorships, will contests and trust contests, as well as all disputes related to trusts and wills.
A probate lawyer is needed anytime there is a petition filed and a hearing requested in probate court with respect to probate estates, guardianships, conservatorships, or will and trust litigation. If you are an interested family member, beneficiary, heir, or concerned family member, it is a good idea to hire a local lawyer. If you are taking a position that lines up with your siblings or other unified family members in any such dispute, then you only need one lawyer to represent the group that agrees with each other for long term care.