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Michigan Choice Waiver Program FAQ

Grand Rapids Medicaid Home Care Attorney

If you or a loved one needs the level of care available at a nursing home, we recommend you look into the Michigan Choice Waiver Program. The Medicaid Waiver Program allows people who are elderly or disabled to receive nursing home services while staying at home. The caveat is that they’ll need to get at-home care for less than the cost of a nursing home. To help you determine if the Medicaid Waiver Program is right for you, we recommend setting up an appointment with a Medicaid planning attorney.

What is the Medicaid Waiver Program?

What the Medicaid Waiver Program does is let you use the same money you would have used for nursing home care to live at home. However, Medicaid will only pay for in-home care if you are able to get it for a lower cost than what would be offered in a nursing home. An elder law attorney can help you determine if the Medicaid Waiver Program is feasible for your region.

Can I stay in my home?

Yes. The Medicaid Waiver Program gives you the option of staying at your home or other residential setting. However, you must be able to get in-home care for less than what you would get in a nursing home.

What services does the Medicaid Waiver Program offer?

Through the Medicaid Waiver Program, you are able to receive the same basic services covered by Michigan Medicaid. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for additional services such as home-delivered meals or adult day care.

How can I become eligible for the Medicaid Waiver Program?

You must be at least 65 years old, a Michigan resident, and qualified for nursing home care. If you or a loved one is disabled, the starting age for eligibility is 18. For example, adult children with severe autism may qualify for the program if they are a Michigan resident and qualify for nursing home care.

To qualify financially for the Medicaid Waiver Program, you must meet the same standards set by Michigan Medicaid. In 2017, the monthly income limit for Medicaid was $2,205 and up to $2,000 in countable resources.

Can I be paid to provide care for aging parents?

Yes. Any family member can be paid for being a caregiver for aging parents so they receive the same services they would get in a nursing home. However, spouses are unable to collect money for taking care of their husbands or wives.

How long is the waiting list to begin services?

There is currently a 3 to 4 month waiting list.

Where can I go for more information?

We recommend contacting an experienced Medicaid lawyer to help you determine if the Medicaid Waiver Program is right for you.There are also agents throughout the state of Michigan that are trained to answer any questions you might have about the program.

The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox PLLC is dedicated to helping Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo clients learn what government programs become available as they grow older. If you are interested in learning more about theMedicaid Waiver Program and want to schedule a consultation with our Grand Rapids Medicaid attorney, feel free to contact us.