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Property / Asset Division Attorneys

Property / Asset Division Attorneys

Sean Patrick Cox — A Knowledgeable Michigan Asset Division Lawyer

Going through changes such as a divorce can spark many emotions. However, many of the stresses associated with a divorce can be alleviated if you work with an experienced attorney who will fully advocate for your best interests. At our law firm, we work to make this process as seamless as possible.

We are the legal team at The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC, and we represent individuals throughout Michigan in family law matters. From our offices in Grand Rapids, Martin and Portage, we provide knowledgeable and assertive legal counsel for individuals going through a divorce. We handle uncontested and contested divorces, and we will assist you with every step of the divorce process.

Property and Asset Division in Michigan

One of the most complex processes in a divorce can be the division of marital property and other assets. In order to make certain this process is done accurately, it is critical you work with an experienced lawyer.

Our attorney has been handling family law matters for more than 21 years, and he fully understands how to advocate for his clients’ best interests. When you work with him, he will explain how the division process works and make certain your personal assets are protected. He is prepared to answer your questions with knowledgeable legal advice, especially in regard to questions such as:

  • What if I have premarital assets?
  • Are inheritances included in marital property?
  • What if I have significant assets?
  • How do you divide real estate?
  • What if I own a business?

In some instances, property division cases go to trial. At our firm, we do everything in our power to reach a favorable settlement outside the courtroom. If matters cannot be settled with skillful negotiations, we are fully prepared to go to court. If your situation calls for it, we can even work with forensic accountants, psychiatrists and IRS agents to assist with business and tax valuations.

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