Visitation and custody rights are a complicated labyrinth to navigate, as all recently divorced parents are likely to know. Adding the chaos of the holiday season to an already frustrating situation only exemplifies the stress families are under during this difficult transitional phase.

Divorce is challenging for Grand Rapids parents and children alike, but around this year of time, it’s difficult to be joyful when recently split couples can’t seem to agree on anything.

Every parent wants to create a happy and exciting environment for their kids during the holiday season. The expectation that the holidays should be a happy time for families leads many parents into a state of crisis when they realize that their separation will severely impact family traditions—especially if one parent is deemed unfit for parental custody.


For families in Grand Rapids, the idyllic white Christmas is still attainable. The way to achieve balance in recently divided families is to hire an experienced attorney familiar with Michigan family law. Grand Rapids family law attorneys are familiar with the issues that arise when parents choose to divorce and seek custody arrangements.

Every experience is different, but certain common threads run through every divorce story: embittered ex-spouses, custody fights, and children caught in the crossfire. In some cases, one spouse may fight significantly harder to ensure they maintain full custody.


It is a common misconception that family courts are unjustly discriminatory towards men, favoring the rights of the mother in nearly all cases. Contrary to popular belief, fathers are no less likely to be awarded custody if the biological mother of the children is deemed to be an unfit parent.

Fortunately, the state of Michigan does not discriminate by gender—they only choose the best home for the child, and award custody to the parent most likely to provide a safe, happy, and stable home for the child. With the assistance of a family law attorney grand rapids mi, you can give your children the magical holiday season they deserve.