Are you aware that changes were made to the Michigan Child Support Formula?

Nearly every four years the Friend of the Court Bureau reviews and makes necessary changes to the child support guidelines which are used to calculate child support in the State of Michigan.

The most recent changes include additions and modifications to what is considered income for purposes of calculating child support. Some of the new changes are as follows:

  •  Retirement contributions made by the employer are exempt from the payor’s income.
  • Voluntary contributions made by the employee to a pension are includable as income.
  • Mandatory insurance contributions are excluded from income.
  • Veteran’s administration benefits are includable as income.
  • Tuition reimbursement by the employer and health savings account contributions are not includable as income.
  • Rent paid by a business to the parent is included as income.
  • Real estate depreciation should always be added to income.

These changes could create a substantial change to an already existing child support order. Child Support Reviews can be requested every three years or when there has been a change of circumstances that affects the amount of child support by the greater of 10% or $50.00. Once the Friend of the Court issues a recommendation and order, there is a strict time-limit as to how long a party has to object and request a hearing.