The top divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids Mi should always answer this question as YES, it does matter who files first. Not only does it matter, you better be the first person to file first. Filing first gives you the best opportunity to set the tone of the divorce case right off the bat. You get to tell your story to the Judge first and first impressions with the Court are of critical importance. No Judge is impressed by mudslinging, so you want to be careful and present to the Judge as a calm, rational person with a positive story to tell about yourself as a spouse, parent, provider as someone who is worthy of trust. You should never wait for your partner in a custody case to file first, or your spouse in a divorce case to file first. If you don’t file first, you are now playing defense back on your heels from the start of the case and that is not the way you want to protect your custody rights and your financial interests. There is nothing worse than having to play defense against a falsified divorce complaint or motion. File first and get a leg up on the entire process by telling your story to the Judge first. Another important point to be made here is that it is remarkably difficult to reverse the Judge’s decisions in the initial orders or temporary orders of the Court, while the case is pending. Filing first and setting the tone as to the initial aspects of the case has a huge impact on where you will end up in your case. At the Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, we guide our clients through the entire process from beginning to end. We fight for the rights of our clients. We offer free consultations and we serve clients in Grand Rapids, as well as the surrounding West Michigan communities. Please call us to set up a consultation at 616-942-6404.