If fault or infidelity or financial fraud are occurring in your marriage a good private investigator is a must have for your case. The top divorce attorneys in Grand Rapids, Mi always work with the best investigation teams in town. Do not make the mistake of assuming that text messages or other forms of communication will be automatically admissible under the evidence rules at your trial or hearing. It is remarkably difficult to get any cooperation from cell phone providers when it comes to obtaining the proper certifications you need in order to have text messages made admissible at trial. That is why it is critical for your attorney to work with you to hire the right private investigator for the right reason. In the case of a cheating spouse, you will find that actual video surveillance is a key ingredient in proving that the infidelity is occurring. If you don’t have the hard evidence with photos and/or video proof, you will find that in most instances, the Court will just assume that allegations of cheating are just that, allegations and further proof is needed. If you don’t have the support of the right evidence, then the Court looks at it as a “he said she said” scenario. A good investigator can help you for the same reasons as your spouse if playing hide and seek with income, assets, or the business that your spouse owns or the business that you own together. Some investigators specialize in forensic accounting and they can uncover critical information for your case. They can do a great job and determine which set of books is the actual set of books for the case. They also understand accounting on a level that will help you get to the bottom of what is really going on with the business. This could involve small business, a restaurant, or a medical or other professional practice.

Finally, a good investigator can also help you if custody is being litigated. They can help provide you with supporting evidence with respect to alcohol abuse, drug abuse or other concerning behaviors that may be vital to your case. Certainly the investigative team requires an additional expense during a divorce litigation, however, given the right facts and needs, their assistance can be an investment that you will find to be well worth the money in terms of your long term goals on your business, your income and possibly your children.

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