A divorce can drag on for months (or even years) if one party is unwilling to cooperate. We’ve found that one of the best ways to avoid a lengthy divorce is to first try to resolve conflicts outside of court through mediation or arbitration.

Unlike mediation, arbitration ends in a binding decision from a neutral third party. Continue reading to learn the 5 benefits of arbitration during the divorce process. For more information, schedule your consultation with our divorce attorney.


The longer a divorce drags on, the more money you’ll end up spending. This is why we recommend our clients seek arbitration before they spend through their savings. However, keep in mind that both parties will need to consent to arbitration. Once a decision is made, you or your spouse won’t be able to dispute the arbitration agreement. Arbitration costs less than court proceedings because it’s less formal and can’t be appealed.


Court proceedings are a matter of public record, which is why many of our clients choose to settle disputes through arbitration. Instead of presenting the facts of the case to a judge, the arbitrator will be given all the information they need to make a fair decision. Since divorce arbitration is done outside the courtroom, you don’t have to worry about your private matters becoming a public spectacle.


An arbitrator is a neutral third party, which means you can count on them to determine a balanced outcome that doesn’t unjustly favor one party over the other. In other words, an arbitrator doesn’t work for either you or your spouse.


You could wait several months waiting for your court hearing. Fortunately, our divorce attorney in Grand Rapids Mi can set up a date for arbitration so pressing issues can be resolved as soon as possible. The mediation process runs much quicker than what you could expect from the courts.

Arbitration Can Help You Resolve Divorce Conflicts, Such As:

You and your spouse will be able to schedule divorce arbitration when it’s most convenient for your schedules. This means that you won’t have to wait months for your court date. Instead, you’ll be able to get your divorce over with as soon as possible so you can start rebuilding your life.


Once the arbitrator gives their final ruling, it becomes legally binding and enforceable. If you suspect your spouse would back out of an agreement made during mediation, our divorce attorney will recommend arbitration. During divorce arbitration, a neutral third party makes a decision for you and your spouse that can’t be appealed.

Unlike mediation, you don’t have to worry about coming to a mutual agreement with your spouse. For this reason, our divorce lawyer Grand Rapids Mi may recommend arbitration over mediation if your spouse is highly confrontational.

Our law firm offers arbitration services so you can get your divorce done as soon as possible. To schedule your appointment with our divorce attorney serving Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, call the Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox PLLC.