Have questions about retirement planning? We understand that it can be stressful planning for a future where you may not be able to make your own decisions. However, it is best to start long-term planning (like asset protection and long-term care) while you still have your mental faculties. Continue reading to learn why you should hire an elder law attorney for estate planning. The sooner you contact an elder law attorney, the more peace of mind you and your loved ones will feel.


Our elder care attorneys have experience helping people just like you plan for their retirement and autumn years. As a result, they will be able to help you tailor your long-term planning to your unique circumstances.

Long term care is something that needs to be discussed while you are still in good health. That way, your family can feel confident that you are getting the care you would have wanted if you are unable to speak for yourself. Asset protection strategies will also vary case by case because each client’s financial circumstances will be different.


The cost of long-term care can be enough to burn through the assets you spent a lifetime to build. Thankfully, our elder care attorneys can come up with strategies to protect your assets so there’ll be enough remaining for your surviving spouse or children. For example, our attorneys may recommend specific long-term care insurance plans or help you better understand your Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than a Medicaid spend down , which is why we do everything in our power to help you find ways to finance long-term care (without losing all your assets). An elder law attorney will help guide you through the process so you can make the best decisions during financial planning.


Your assets, which include your house and finances, are typically passed onto family members or loved ones. However, if these retirement savings and other assets aren’t managed legally, they can wind up in the wrong hands and cause unnecessary distress for future heirs. An elder law attorney can help you with asset or estate planning in a way that meets Medicaid requirements.


An elder law attorney looks out for your best interests by giving impartial advice. Whether you are approaching retirement, or wish to get your affairs in order, you’ll need the advice of an attorney who is familiar with elder law and will fight for your rights and last wishes.

Before you make a hiring decision, make sure you’re working with an experienced team of attorneys who handle elder law on a daily basis. At Sean Cox Law, we have many years of experience providing Medicaid planning for Michigan residents seeking assistance covering long-term healthcare costs.

Our elder law attorneys in Grand Rapids Mi and Kalamazoo work hard to make sure their clients are financially and legally prepared for the future. To learn more about Medicare or discuss your long-term care options, schedule your free consultation with us today.