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Change of Location / Domicile | Parent Relocation Attorneys

Change of Location / Domicile | Parent Relocation Attorneys

Certain circumstances may require assistance from a lawyer in order to ensure that your best interests are protected. If you have recently gotten a new job offer or would like to relocate with your child because of economic reasons, you will need to work with an attorney. At our firm, we can help with such a change of location.

We are The Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox, PLLC, and we represent individuals and families in family law matters throughout the states of Michigan and Florida. For more than 21 years, our lawyer has helped clients with their legal needs by taking a direct and no-nonsense approach to handling your matters.

Have a Child Moving Out of State? Work With Our Law Firm

With a troubling economy, many people take job opportunities in other parts of the country. If you have a custody or visitation agreement and want to move with your child, you need to file for a change of domicile. This must be filed in the state where you currently reside with your child. A parent can petition for a change of domicile based on certain criteria, which may include:

  • Economic growth: If one parent has the opportunity to move up in a career, he or she may petition for a change of domicile.
  • Opportunity: If one parent has a strong reason or opportunity in another location, he or she may be granted a change in location.

What the Courts Will Examine With a Change of Domicile

A change in location is governed by statutes, but the courts will also examine several factors in the petition. The court will look at family ties in the community in which the child currently lives, motivations for the move (frustration, anger or opportunity) and other outside reasons.

It is important you work with an experienced lawyer to help you with this process to make certain that your best interests are kept in the foreground at all times. Attorney Sean Patrick Cox has more than 21 years of experience and is licensed to practice in Michigan and Florida. Being licensed in two states has given him significant insight into varying state laws and how that applies to particular family law cases.

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