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Top 5 Parenting Fails That Can Lose You Custody of Your Child

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Hopefully you never have to go through a custody proceeding, but if you do, here are my top 5 most recent examples of why the other parent should have custody instead of you.

1. Health and Safety - We all know that bumps, bruises, and risky behavior happen all the time with children, regardless of whose care they are in. The fact that a child has a bruise or occasionally engages in a questionable activity certainly isn’t indicative that the parent is bad. In a custody battle, though, every little incident can get magnified and added together to give the appearance of poor parenting. Did you forget to put sunscreen on your child and she got burned? Did you allow your child to run around all day drinking juice and pop instead of water? Were you too busy to notice that she was riding a dirt bike at the neighbor’s next door with no helmet? Were you too lazy to cook a healthy meal, and instead picked up some chicken nuggets? If so, I would argue that the other parent should have custody instead of you.

2. Yelling - We all get stressed and sometimes that stress unfortunately spills over onto our children. But a pattern of yelling, verbal abuse, and demonstrations of anger is definitely something I can use against you, especially if it has been witnessed by others or recorded. If you yell or verbally put your children down on a regular basis, first of all stop it, please. If you don’t or can’t I guarantee I will be using your behavior to argue that the other parent should have custody instead of you.

3. Quality Time - Adults have to work to pay the bills and sometimes that work can be mentally and physically exhausting. At the end of the day, sometimes we just want to crash on the couch, watch some T.V. or play a video game. But your children need you to read to them, to wrestle with them, to help them with homework, to take an interest in their school day, and to give them the structure they need to thrive. Telling them to play with their friends, or to watch T.V., is something I can use to paint you as a parent who is disengaged, doesn’t care about their child enough to spend quality time with them, and is a good reason to let the other parent have custody instead of you.

4. My Life - Being a parent myself I can tell you that once you have children your life drastically changes. That is because of the enormous responsibility that you now have for the well-being of your child. But maybe you are the type of parent who thinks that just because you have children doesn’t mean you are going to stop hanging out with friends and partying until 3:00 a. m. If you are the person that likes to have a relative or babysitter watch your children so you can drink and socialize, especially if it is done on an every weekend basis, I will argue that you’re more concerned about making yourself happy than being there for your children, and that the other parent should have custody instead of you.

5. Social Media - Facebook and other social media are widely used. Your usage of these mediums can be used against you in a custody dispute. Don’t tell the other parent that you are watching the children that week and then post on Facebook pictures of you in Cancun with a Margarita in your hand titled “#funinthemexicosun” while the children are languishing at Aunt Greta’s. I will be attaching those posts to the documents I send to the judge to show that the other parent should have custody instead of you.

As a paralegal, it is my job to gather evidence and draft custody documents that get sent to the judge. I and my supervising attorney at the Law Offices of Sean Patrick Cox PLLC are going to portray our client as the worlds’ best parent, and you as the world’s worst. Add it all up and we can make a pretty good case why your soon-to-be-ex should get the children instead of you.

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